A Day In The Dairy Farm: What Goes Into A Pack Of Fresh Milk?

Milk is an extremely essential food and an integral part of most of our diets. Milk and dairy products provide us with nutrition and the dairy industry plays a crucial role in making it all available to consumers and ensuring the overall well-being of the global population. The developing countries in Southeast Asia have had significant success with dairy farming and strategies have been devised to encourage positive changes in the dairy industry. In the business for 23 years, we believe in our unique farming philosophy.

Greenfields started its journey in 1997, when a group of entrepreneurs from Australia and Indonesia came together to share and build on their collective experience in dairy farming and agri-business. Since then, we have maintained the highest standards for our dairy products – they are 100% fresh and natural.

Integrated farms and techniques

Mostly, milk is sourced from farms and transported as raw material in tankers, over long distances, to processing and packing plants in other cities. This may affect the quality of the milk. Our one-stop integrated farms are designed to ensure one-stop production from cow to carton, ensuring maximum freshness and meaning only one convenient round of pasteurization is needed, allowing the nutrients of the milk to be better retained. Premium raw milk from our owned-and-managed farms is immediately and quickly processed and packed. No long transfers and no need for additives ensures that Greenfields milk reaches the consumers faster and fresher, thus guaranteeing both taste and quality.

Situated well above sea level, in the highlands of East Java, our farms enjoy ideal weather for our cows and milk, resulting in consistent output that is high on quality and quantity. Cool temperatures all year round and careful care from animal specialists keep our cattle healthy and comfortable. Located strategically, our farms also help in the growth of nearby crops, giving back to the community we are situated in. Water flows down from the hilltop farms and irrigates crops at the foot of the hills. These crops are sold back to us to feed our cows so that we can continue producing milk that meets the highest standards.
Our modern industrial equipment utilizes an automated milking system to get clean and fresh milk, and is in line with our ‘no-human-touch’ policy, which ensures that neither cow nor milk will be contaminated by microbes from our staff. These farms are environment-friendly and use biogas power, waste purifiers and recycling technology. We also utilize a sand recycling technique which helps in processing cow dung as fertilizer.

Cows and fresh feed

At Greenfields’ farms, our Friesian Holstein and Jersey cows are carefully selected and bred to match international standards. No additional hormones are used on our cows, and we do not send milk from cows taking antibiotics to the factory, until their milk is free of the antibiotic residue. Our team of professional dieticians use a total-mixed-ration techniques to feed them 4 times a day with a diet that consists of a mixture of locally-sourced king grass, superior corn kernels, imported high-quality grains, and Alfalfa hay rich in protein and fibre.

We believe in keeping our cows happy and healthy, and that’s why we house them in a free-stall barn, where they can walk freely around or rest wherever they wish. Our cows are also provided with beds of soft sand that are cleared and replenished every day, and their hooves are manicured twice every year. We also make sure that they get a balanced and nutritious diet, while also getting plenty of exercise thanks to their walks, thrice every day, from the barns to the milking parlours.

Greenfields’ cows are milked 3 times a day in efficient and modern milking parlours that employ some of the most modern equipment and technologies available in Asia. With this system, cows are rotated past our staff, who can attach the milking systems with minimal contact and movement, ensuring both efficiency and hygiene, as well as maximum comfort for our cows. Approximately 15,000 cows are raised on 2 large farms and the milk they produce are free of preservatives, additives and milk solids.

Nutrition and value in milk

Being able to produce our own milk means that we can ensure the production of the highest quality, contamination-free raw milk. Our milk is ISO-certified, with bacteria count kept well within global standards for dairy foods. Our produce is free of permeate, frozen milk concentrate or flavouring.

With natural goodness comes better nutritional value that can be easily absorbed by the body, especially in the case of our fresh Jersey milk, which contains 10% more protein, 7% more calcium and 29% more butterfat than our already highly nutritious Holstein milk. In the farm, we do our part to preserve this superior nutritional value, and also inhibit bacterial growth, by cooling our milk down to 4 degrees immediately after milking, and sending it straightaway for processing and packaging in-house to seal in the freshness and prevent contamination.

Happy cows produce healthy milk

We believe that happy and healthy cows produce high quality milk, and we look after our cattle as we look after our family. At Greenfields, every drop of milk is treated like a piece of art. We master every detail to perfect our craftmanship and diligently pursue progress without compromising on quality. We believe that every drop of our milk has greatness in it, and we value 100% fresh and tasty milk as we know you value that as well.

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