After 8 Chocolate Drink Singapore recip

After 8 Chocolate Drink Singapore recipe


After 8 Chocolate Drink Singapore recipe – Remember those wonderful after dinner mints made from 100% natural pepper oil enrobed in rich dark chocolate. Those wafer thin mints were a perfect balance between the milk chocolate and the mint fondant. Together with The Caffeine Experience, Greenfields Dairy presents a modern take on that delightful mint chocolate, in the form of a rich and indulgent chocolate drink.

After 8 Chocolate Drink Singapore recip

A tall glass is lined with rich chocolate sauce for visual appeal and an added chocolatey boost –  The same glass is then filled with ice, and filled with Greenfields Jersey Milk, a premium milk product that is richer and creamier than regular fresh milk.

Mint syrup is pumped into the glass for that refreshing, minty taste that After 8 chocolate lovers so enjoy. A shot glass is also coated with chocolate sauce. Incorporating an element of coffee into this drink, Shariff from The Caffeine Experience grinds out a dose of coffee grounds from fresh coffee beans using a dosing grinder, and extracts espresso shots straight into the shot glass filled with chocolate, melting and incorporating the chocolate and espresso shot.

This is then added to the milk and ice. To finish off the drink, whipped cream is added, followed by a generous sprinkling of cocoa powder, and the drink is garnished with a mint leaf.

After 8 Chocolate Drink Singapore recip

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