Our Cows

Quality milk comes from healthy cows. To guarantee the highest quality milk, we import only the finest quality Friesian Holstein dairy cows from Australia. Each cow receives the utmost in health and nutritional care from our team of veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure they are bred according to international standards.

Our cows are pampered with a healthy diet of superior corn kernels, grains, special Alfalfa hay and local king grass containing high protein and fibre. These nutritious feeds keep our cows well-fed and healthy to continue producing fresh, delicious milk that is a trademark of Greenfields. Beyond their diet, our cows are also provided with ‘beds’ of soft sand that are cleared and replenished daily, with their hooves manicured twice yearly.

Our cows also get plenty of exercise – their daily walks from their barns to the milking parlour three times a day keep them healthy and happy!