Different Types of Fresh Milk in Singapore

Different types of Fresh Milk in Singapore


Different types of Fresh Milk in Singapore – There are many different cow milk options and cow milk products in Singapore. These products often differ in terms of shelf life and fat content, with different dairy products offering different uses in our households. From Greenfields’ own range of fresh milk products, here are some of the different types of fresh milk that you can find in Singapore. You can also check out this video to learn more about the different types of fresh milk in Singapore.

Different Types of Fresh Milk in Singapore
Different Types of Fresh Milk in Singapore

Full Cream Milk / Whole Milk:

Different types of Fresh Milk in Singapore – full cream milk or whole milk is a product that has not undergone any UHT treatment or alteration to add nutrients or remove fat content from the milk.

There are many brands of full cream milk on the market today, but you should know that not all full cream milk products are made the same way. Some producers use a percentage of recombined milk, which essentially comes from milk powder, which can’t be considered 100% fresh milk – It is thus important to know what you are buying for your family.

If you are particular about the quality of the milk that you are getting, then consider these factors that set more premium options like Greenfields milk apart from other producers. For starters, Greenfields milk does not undergo fortification to artificially add in nutrients, our milk only goes through one heating process, which is the pasteurisation process. Additionally, Greenfields milk is 100% sourced from our own farms, which elevates the level of quality control. In contrast, other producers normally purchase milk from many different contracted farms.

Different Types of Fresh Milk in Singapore
Different Types of Fresh Milk in Singapore


Skim Milk / Low Fat Milk:

To better cater to dietary preferences today, most producers have skim milk and low fat milk options which are lower in fat content when compared to full cream milk. Generally, the end product will not taste as creamy as full cream milk, due to the reduced fat content. However, skim milk and low fat milk have increased in popularity over the years, with many consumers pursuing a more health oriented lifestyle.

However, many people still choose full cream milk, especially if the milk is used in applications such as latte art making, as the higher fat content allows for a better froth and more well rounded product. The processing of skim milk and low fat milk is similar to full cream milk, and just like our full cream milk products, Greenfields’ skim and low fat milk options are also single pasteurised, made from 100% fresh milk, and is sourced directly from our own farms.


UHT Fresh Milk:

UHT fresh milk or ultra heat treated milk is a milk product that has been heated and sealed in a way that allows for enhanced shelf life and is the most popular type of milk in the world. This is largely because UHT milk is the milk of choice when it comes to usage within the foodservice industry.

It is also widely used in households for cooking purposes. When it comes to UHT milk, there are even wider degrees of variation in the makeup and constitution of the milk between different producers, which have led some consumers to believe that UHT milk is lower in quality. This is actually not true. While some producers use recombined milk products to create their UHT milk products, UHT milk can also be made from 100% fresh milk, just like what Greenfields does with its UHT fresh milk.

This means that the source produce is of a quality that is just as high as its full cream milk options. Essentially, UHT fresh milk is almost identical to full cream milk in nature, except that it has gone through the UHT process to make it shelf-stable. Just like regular milk, UHT fresh milk can also come in low fat and skim options.

Jersey Milk:

Jersey milk is a premium milk product that is produced by Greenfields, which is made from milk taken from a Jersey cow instead of a regular Holstein cow. The milk is famed for its rich texture and generally has a higher fat content, richer texture, and premium mouthfeel.

When paired with applications such as latte art making, the richer texture makes for a better drinking experience. Due to the lower volume of milk produced per cow, the availability of Jersey milk usually comes at a premium and is also sought after in that regard.

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