how is jersey milk different and is the better choice for your family

Here’s Why Jersey Milk Is The Better Choice For Your Family

Dairy products form a large part of our diet. Milk especially plays a major role on our breakfast table, and also throughout our day. Whether it’s a big coffee mug for your partner, a hot cup of tea for yourself, or a warm glass by itself for the kids, you cannot deny that this delicious and nutritious treat is a favourite for most families.

Research has proved that after breast milk, the next best option for humans is cow milk. And among the many kinds of cow milk, almost nothing can beat the goodness of Jersey cow milk, which is much more nutritious than a typical cow’s milk.
While Jersey milk has traditionally been perceived as a luxury across Great Britain and other neighbouring countries, Greenfields has made Jersey Milk accessible for everyone who appreciates the nutritional value of its richer nutrition, with the launch of its Fresh Jersey Milk product.


From the island of Jersey to the world

Greenfields Fresh Jersey milk originates from one of the most recognisable breeds of cow in the world-Jersey cows, a brown breed of dairy livestock that are highly productive in generating quality milk. These hail from the island of Jersey in the British Channel Islands, near the border of England and France. Dairy farming experts have long identified Jersey cow’s milk as being better than that from many other breeds of cows in terms of nutrition and taste.

Jersey milk has been exported to many countries of the world, including here in Southeast Asia. However, Greenfields has now become one of the first to begin producing Fresh Jersey milk locally right here in the region, ensuring you can get the freshest Jersey milk without having to import it from far away.
To date, Greenfields is home to more than 3600 Jersey cows!

How is Greenfields Fresh Jersey Milk different from the regular fresh milk?


Creamier Taste

Jersey milk is not only more nutritious, it also tastes richer and creamier, with a fuller mouthfeel that’s an absolute delight to savour. It is indisputably an ideal choice to make milk confections and beverages like smoothies, milkshakes and also a good match with coffee or tea, especially since it does not leave a strong after-taste despite its thicker texture.

What makes Greenfields Jersey Milk so creamy? It’s simply fundamentally different from other milks in terms of fat content. Jersey Milk contains more milk fat (29%) than other milks . Fat in milk acts as a tenderiser and moisturiser, so using fat-rich Jersey Milk in cakes and muffins will make them moister, with a finer crumb that’s even more delightful to eat.

Of course, they’ll make an even creamier complement to any cup of coffee or tea than regular milk, too!


Higher Nutritional Value

Any cow’s milk is about the source of calcium there is, and contains many essential vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin A, D, B1, B12, magnesium, zinc and potassium. But milk from Jersey cows is even better. It has an even higher protein content and is naturally higher in nutrients and vitamins compared with fresh milk¹.


More Protein

The importance of protein to us cannot be overstated. As one of the three great macronutrients (the other two being carbohydrates and fats), proteins are literally the building blocks of our body, providing the raw materials needed to create and maintain our physical and mental functions through processes like cell repair and immunity boosting.

As a major source of protein for children, a 250ml glass of milk usually already contains approximately 8-10 grams of protein. Greenfields Fresh Jersey Milk contains 10% more protein than regular fresh milk², offering richer nutrition and stronger bodies with every sip.


More Bone Nutrients

With more calcium content, Jersey milk helps keep your bones and teeth healthy even more than regular milk. The quantity of Vitamin D found in Jersey milk helps in better calcium absorption.
It also has nutrients like Vitamin B-12, which is necessary for bone growth, while also helping in improving your immunity naturally.


More Non-Fat Solids and Energy

Jersey milk gives children in their formative years the energy that their active bodies crave as they grow and play. Jersey milk has 11% more non-fat milk solids e.g. phosphorus, potassium and riboflavin, which is essential for metabolic energy production.

Curated with care

Greenfields is the first Jersey milk producer in Indonesia, and one of the first few in Southeast Asia. Our Fresh Jersey Milk is derived from 100% natural and fresh milk from the Jersey cows on our very own Greenfields farms, produced in line with our Greenfields Farming Philosophy which drives for excellence in quality above all else.

Our farms, and our Jersey cows, are maintained by a team of professionals and experts who are equipped with over 20 years of accumulated experience. Our cows are milked with a cutting-edge automated milking system that keeps the milk clean, in line with our “no-human-touch” policy to prevent germ contamination. Both our cows and their milk are free of any added hormones or antibiotics. Our ISO-certified integrated process of production and pasteurization ensures maximum freshness from farm to fridge.

Greenfields cares for the health of your family as much as you. The new Fresh Jersey Milk promises a richer, deeper nutritional content that will nourish you and your family even better than before. With its creamier taste and better nutrition, Jersey milk could also become your new go-to ingredient for baking!

Without doubt, Greenfields Fresh Jersey Milk is the better choice of milk for a happier and healthier family.



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