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Smooth and creamy with fruit chunks in it! Contains probiotic cultures and prebiotic fibre to aid digestion, making it a healthier and tastier snack any time of the day! Made from 100% fresh milk from Greenfields farm, Greenfields Yogurt in Singapore comes in 8 different delicious flavours, where you can choose between single or double flavours: plain (no sugar added), original, strawberry, blueberry, mango, mixed berry, mango and peach, and raspberry and lychee.

Yogurt Pasteurisasi Rasa Stroberi Greenfields
Strawberry Yogurt
4. GF_Adaptation_Stirred Yogurt_Mixedberry_125g_3D
Mixed Berry Yogurt
6. GF_Adaptation_Stirred Yogurt_Mangopeach_125g_3D
Mango & Peach Yogurt
2. GF_Adaptation_Stirred Yogurt_RaspberryLychee_125g_3D
Raspberry & Lychee Yogurt
Yogurt Pasteurisasi Rasa Bluberi Greenfields Indonesia
Blueberry Yogurt
Yogurt Pasteurisasi Rasa Mangga Greenfields
Mango Yogurt
Plain and natural yogurt Greenfields Singapore
Original Yogurt