Types of full cream chocolate milk

Types of full cream chocolate milk


Types of full cream chocolate milk – There are many types of milk in the industry today to cater to the different taste preferences of consumers out there. One such type of milk is chocolate milk, which usually comprises a base of full-fat milk or full cream milk, with the addition of chocolate flavouring, either through the use of cocoa powder or chocolate powder to create that rich chocolate milk taste that consumers love.

Types of full cream chocolate milk
Types of full cream chocolate milk


Depending on the brand of chocolate milk that you purchase, you may be getting a slightly different milk product. Generally, most of these products maintain the same level of essential nutrients that you get with normal full cream fresh milk. Some of them have added sugars, while others do not. Thus it is up to you to decide which product best suits your dietary needs and taste preferences. However, did you know that not all chocolate milk tastes the same? – Here are 2 types of full cream chocolate milk from Greenfields that are unique in the industry that you can consider stocking in your home.


Chocomalt Milk

Types of full cream chocolate milk – Do you love the taste of Milo? If you like Milo and you find the taste comforting, then what you actually like is the taste of malt rather than cocoa. Most people aren’t aware of this difference, as the use of chocolate and malt has long been associated with one another, and makes a great combination when put together.

Cocoa is generally credited for the taste of chocolate, while malt is responsible for that rich and creamy taste that so many people love. While most chocolate fresh milk options out there are predominantly cocoa based, Greenfields’ Chocomalt Milk actually contains good amounts of malt as well and tastes richer and creamier than regular chocolate milk out there. This makes for a good beverage on its own, and will really hit the spot when consumed together with a chocolate based cereal. Due to the presence of malt, Greenfields Chocomalt Milk is also a great addition to chocolate based baking recipes, should you desire a malty finish to your baked products.

Types of full cream chocolate milk
Types of full cream chocolate milk – ChocoMalt Milk

Mochacinno Milk

Types of full cream chocolate milk – Mochas have been a firm favourite among novice coffee drinkers for many years, offering that caffeine boost, without the bitterness of coffee that some people find hard to get used to. As such, many consumers order a Mocha –  a lovely blend between a milk based coffee and chocolate. The problem is, when you desire an Iced Mocha, the chocolate and coffee never quite mix well enough together, creating a difference in taste as you make your way through your cup.

WIth Greenfields’ Mochaccino Milk, however, one does not need to worry about this – offering a homogeneous mixture of coffee and chocolate. For a coffee and chocolate lover, this is the best of both worlds. The best part, is you don’t have to queue up at your local speciality coffee shop to enjoy this. Simply stock it at home and have it in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Types of full cream chocolate milk
Types of full cream chocolate milk – Mochacinno



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