what is premium fresh milk

What is Premium Fresh Milk?


What is Premium Fresh Milk – Whether it’s fresh milk, whole milk, low-fat milk, or skim milk, there are many types of fresh milk in the market today that are marketed as high-quality milk, and come across as a premium products. However, this may not actually be the case. Here are some things you can look out for when you are looking for a premium fresh milk option.

What is Premium Fresh Milk
What is Premium Fresh Milk

Premium Fresh Milk should be Made from 100% Whole Milk:

In the market, not all milk is made from 100% whole milk. Some milk products out there only partially contain whole milk, while part of the milk is made from reconstituted milk products such as milk powder. These products are generally lower in quality and texture and do not present the same levels of taste and richness that you would get with 100% whole milk. Using the Greenfields range of products, for example, our fresh milk product is made without any fortification or reconstitution with other artificial nutrients or milk products. As such, the product is as natural as can be, making it a premium fresh milk product.


Premium Fresh Milk should be Single Pasteurised:

In a typical milk production set-up, pasteurisation is a key process to help ensure that the milk is free from bacteria and safe to drink. At Greenfields, because our milk products do not go through any fortification or reconstitution, we are able to engage in a single pasteurisation process, which allows us the optimum balance between food safety and product quality. This is one way that we ensure that our fresh milk products are considered premium grade. Most other fresh milk products on the market, go through a double pasteurisation process.



Premium Fresh Milk should be Source Controlled:

Greenfields is proud to be one of the only large scale producers in the world that run and operate our own farms. This means that 100% of our milk comes from our own farms, and is quality controlled in this manner. Most large scale producers work with contracted dairy farms from across a region and combine the milk from different milk sources into one before further processing. Much like gathering grapes from different vineyards to make a generic bottle of wine. Naturally, having all the milk produced on the same farm has advantages, as the product is more consistent, is subjected to higher quality control standards, and as a result, makes for a more premium product.

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