What Is UHT Fresh Milk

What is UHT Fresh Milk?


What is UHT Fresh Milk? – UHT Fresh Milk is a type of milk that can be stored at room temperature and can last longer than regular milk or pasteurised milk. Fresh milk, also known as whole milk, is put through the ultra-heat treatment process where it is heated to ultra-high temperatures to get rid of any harmful bacteria and make the milk product shelf-stable. In global milk production, UHT milk is a very important process, and UHT milk is actually the most commonly consumed type of milk in the world. Typically, when we talk about UHT milk, it is usually a cow’s milk product.

What Is UHT Fresh Milk

Are all brands of UHT Milk made from Fresh Milk?

No. Not all brands of UHT milk are made from fresh milk. In fact, there are many lower cost UHT milk products in the world that are made from reconstituted milk – a product that begins as milk powder and is mixed with water to become milk again. These products, although not of high quality and generally not considered to be premium, have their uses, and are usually used in large scale catering operations, or onboard ships and vessels where shelf life is important to the user. On the flip side, producers like Greenfields utilise 100% fresh milk in the production of our UHT Fresh Milk, making it a premium fresh milk product that still retains all the nutritional qualities of regular fresh milk.

Is UHT Fresh Milk Nutritionally Different from Regular Fresh Milk?

No. There are some slight taste differences, due to the high heat treatment, which inevitably alters the taste of the proteins slightly. However, apart from that, UHT milk actually contains the same nutrients that you would get in regular fresh milk. In fact, many people mistakenly believe that UHT Milk, Low Fat Milk, and Skimmed Milk contain less lactose than regular whole milk which makes it more suitable for lactose-intolerant people. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. Heat treatment or reduced-fat does not reduce the amount of lactose and therefore has no impact on lactose intolerance.

What Is UHT Fresh Milk


Where is UHT Fresh Milk Best Used?

As a general rule of thumb, UHT fresh milk is best used in settings where shelf life is important to the end-user. As mentioned earlier in this article, commercial applications usually prefer the use of UHT milk, as not only is it more cost-effective as compared to fresh milk, the packets of milk can actually be stored at room temperature, an important thing in a catering setting where they would be purchasing such products in large bulk quantities – There simply wouldn’t be enough refrigeration space to keep all the milk if they were using regular pasteurised milk. However, UHT milk is also useful to people and communities that live further out from the cities, and are not able to go to a supermarket all the time to pick up a fresh batch of pasteurised milk. Having an extended shelf life means that users are able to pick up larger quantities of the product when they go into town, and still be able to keep the product fresh for a longer period of time. – That way, they can still enjoy the high quality of fresh milk, but with less sensitive storage conditions.

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